Being You

Within you lies a world unexplored,
It’s depth beyond imagination,
The strength that nudges you,
The power that nurtures you,
The affection that needs you,
Caress it;
Embrace it;
Feed it with love.
It enhances your soul,
For it exhibits the completion of Being You!!



I don’t know when friendships were about give and take
I don’t know when friendships were just a namesake.

I don’t know when friends used tit for tat
I don’t know when friends left just like that.

I don’t know when friends stabbed my back
I don’t know when friends nurtured a negative knack.

I dont when friends couldn’t tolerate other’s success
I don’t know when friends developed a personal distress.

I don’t know when friends played foul
I don’t know when friends bruised my soul.


Crooning songs of travel

When will life be normal?

When will I adore my favourite suit and jump in the pool

When will I hog my delicious salad and cassata

When will I sing aloud and get snapped along the fiery waves.

When will I build sand castles and dream of a mighty one.

Wish I come back soon.

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Star Gazer

Sun kissed, walking across a flower
It spread a warmth of silence.
Those tiny dew drops caressing the leaves,
Those chirpy birds cooing on trees,
Those dandelion wishes blowing in breeze,
Those busy bumble bees,
Those tiny seeds sprouting out to grow big,
Each new day said what a lovely sight.
There was a star watching my soul in darkness
It kept pushing me through far,
And here I stand and stare at you
Please don’t leave me alone said one
And then we walked along every day
Gazing together a bright lit sky.

Moving On!

That time was a fixed momentum of gravity,
Holding mixed emotions and smiles.
Eyes were waiting to pour,
But it stopped to check with serendipity
Who’s favour would you be in?
It did not reply but turned silent.
Words woven from silence were understood,
Still keeping numb and moving on was the only chance.



I was waiting for the evening,
When enchanted roses spread their charms
Beneath the petals, beneath the leaves
Whispered someone
A note of sanctity
A note of joy
A note of warmth
And around came the hands that touched P.E.A.C.E. spreading LIGHT.

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Hiding Truth

Life is an upstream of ceaseless shades
Climbers seeking on connecting dots
Each progression like missing a cannonball
Of constantly evading existential crisis
The missed fireballs are burning huts and streets
Of curbing hunger and poverty
A little offer might change one’s plight
He could stand back paddling his corner again
Less he buries more agony beneath
Cause ecstasy is not bound to fates stamp
Struggle to discover a reason to stay alive
Between all circumstances of bad times
Needless my lone companion of good times
Be a paper to erase daily trifles and distresses…



Shared words of befall
Conspiracies like blowing horns
Torments like extra grown creepers
All clashed with a single soul
She uttered to be naive
Retreated to be pardoned
Hope was a trigger to question
Empathy was never known
Each closing of the day shed tears
Caressing oneself and unarmed
Love and care was lost and unheard
Distance was measured upon
Still raised each a moment to fight
A divine sound within
Awakened by Invitation to reform
Standing by self love, struggle and belief
And never looking back.


Just for a life

When you think that time is flying away
All you want to do is swing along with it
Look back and count the struggling hours
And caress the lonely winds
Hold the stars in your little palms
And reflect back the shining glories

Rejuvenate from the oldest war
Within the emotional turmoil
Grab the opportunity of being a member
From the original owner of desires
Walk beside the rays of sunlight
And win the battlefield of the life.