Heights of Robbery

I ran over few posts, read about heights of laziness, statures of jokes, statures of being swine miserly, statures of inattentiveness and blah blah and after that I chose I compose my depiction, a propos “Theft”. Its a brain boggling and a gum biting subject.

Composing since long, I have organized not to spare any material outside, why meet the expense of an inadvertent to take things, might be even a pen top.

I begin with…. Odd things individuals burglarize.

1. It was a pleasurable Saturday morning, when me and my couple of companions chose to hang out at her place, her folks were away. We as a whole (8) of us chatted, joked, danced, imitated, played little amusements and later rested comfortably. Next light, we were all spruced up, ventured out and were amazed to see the door open and the hook/latch missing. God-like, the metal fold was looted.

2.  Move rehearse on Saturday evenings, after school hours, at a friend’s place, caused aggravation to others, however watching out for a water tank to fill was itself a move. In our town,water supply is each substitute day and in expansion territories, it’s at one time a week. This “once per week” was this unfortunate Saturday, when we saw the underground water tank which had a metal top (huge rectangle press cover) stolen. It was 6 ft beneath (Manorama 6 feet under)

3. My daddy owned a Bajaj scooter those days and we never had a different parking spot at our place. The avenues were so tight, you could see who claimed what vehicle. As you venture out of your abode, you practically hit the street and would any minute comply choices.

Houses touching each other, so where might the vehicles be stopped. Gracious! the drain, fortunately where no waste was tossed. Our cherished bike stopped holding up to get a ride. Presently, who the hell-fire on this planet had stolen the rubber foot tangle and rearward sitting arrangement? This kept me supposing endlessly, who might utilize the bike situate and for what? At that point at last it struck: must be some cycle individual for his bike.?? Truly???

4. Our family moved to a different locality. It was our permanent home. I was happy but hell yeah, not again… we had no proper parking area too.  Underground parking was built so steep, any vehicle moving inside would never get out unless it takes 4 men to push it out (Valley Parking). Luckily, we had a common passage, with few shops and godown. We had to use a slide and push the bike in. This was causing inconvenience to all, because there were more than 20 bikes. More than people we had vehicles as neighbors. The wooden slide with nails, went missing indeed overnight. We then had to build a cement platform. I wonder what people do with a nailed, broken wooden slide?

5. Rainy season and muddy streets. Uh! you cannot step in wearing soiled footwear. Nah!!! We had an option, since we had food grains shops in our apartment, it was obvious we used to get jute/gunny bags for free. 🙂

A jute bag used to placed at the entrance, so that people could wipe their shoes and enter our “Jahangir building”. Help !!! This old, ragged, dirty bag got robbed soon. “jute bags are costly”.

6. Festival of lights : -) Diwali!!! – amazing, exuberant and vibrant streets lit with colorful divas, lamps(akash kandil). Lovely, superb and splendid sight to watch and roam around the city. I must say, beautiful lanterns look so pretty, hanged atop doorstep, can also be stolen at night;  why does someone choose lanterns ? To sell it again ?? The bulbs were the first things to get attention, later the lanterns went missing (arey hamara akash butti kahan gaya rey).


During this awesome festival, we keep these divas outside and keep pouring oil every 2 hours. diya

These lamps bring light and prosperity and it’s a way of inviting people meaning our homes are open too; result STOLEN.

7.  Whether you own a house or rent a flat, you will definitely inscribe your name ‘Mr & Mrs’….so and so. (ye bhi le lo) I don’t know, “nameplate”, seriously ???. This must be very interesting to the robbers and burglars, or was it their name written on it?  We just ended painting our name in bold letters on the door. Instructions, “Do not Paint over it”.

8. Keep your best foot forward and what next , your sandals gets stolen, but from where? Temple, the most visited place by many to pray, to sit calmly, notice people and eat prashad(sweet served) do you think so..??? One thought keeps rotating in my head, whenever I visit a temple when my heels are lying outside. Is it safe?? Concentrating on the eh prayer. And then I have to keep walking bare foot, or go and buy road side 100 rupee chappals. Temples are the best places to find footwear go missing.


9. It is so boring to wash clothes and put them to dry, if you do not have a washing machine. Sunday afternoons are spent only to wash heap of clothes.  To my dismay,  I find all the clothes pin are nowhere to be seen?..

clips00a9d0df6_7Who will rob these Rs. 5  clips?  Only the rest of the girls in the hostel, who can’t even afford to buy a pack of clips, but still manage to pay rent of Rs. 5000? There were many more stuff which used to go missing, apart from t-shirt, pant, a toothbrush, mug, shampoo bottle, hangers, Rin supreme soap and sometimes even a comb, then the girls would walk into each room knocking and questioning “Did you see my whatever? Now that I will end this note here.

10.  We all love to sit on our beloved arm chairs, no matter how comfortable we are, whether it is our home sweet home or our office, like made for us. But who knows people around the floor keep pulling your chair and never return. I reach my workstation, walk straight to my cubicle. Oh!! Where’s my chair. (kursi bhi chori karne lage), so finally I wrote my name on a piece of paper and taped it . (Kursi ke liye jhagde to hamesha hi tha ha ha ha).

Crossing memories down the line, I recollected what all strange things people stole… and I keep thinking what creativity robbers possess.  They use their intellect in flicking things and don’t get caught. Thanks to CCTV cameras, most of the people are framed.


13 thoughts on “Heights of Robbery

  1. There are many small/tiny things which can get easily stolen..
    And we alwayz come know that they’re stolen whenever we need them..

    Loved Your Lucid Language..

    Bhashechi Oghavati Shaili..

    GR8.. 🙂

      1. Oh yes, you could imagine me waking up one fine Diwali morning only to know that 3 of my favorite tops are gone.They were also the most expensive one. I called up my mom and told ki Diwali pe Diwala nikal gaya.

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