In love with “Amchi Mumbai”

The obsession:

Each individual cherishes his/her place where they grew up!! Yes, I obviously adore the place where I grew up yet, I was so fixated, in actuality I had become hopelessly enamored with Mumbai and some way or another I needed to arrive.

My initial step started with an interest in “sugam sangeet spardha” (semi-traditional type of music competition). I had attended one in the place where I grew up and Wow!! I stood second. Following ten days of practice, I needed to leave for Mumbai to go along with others for the stupendous finale.

I knew, I would not concentrate genuinely for the mid-term examinations and I bunked three papers. With my dad, I began off to the tinsel town “Mumbai”. I was so amped up for the entire visit, singing my life away.

I was the new girl in the city; I had booked an adorable looking inn close by the area said. I was all upbeat, gazing here and there, all over, watching individuals, taking a gander at all shops I cruised by.

 The competition:

All things considered, the last round was not sufficiently reasonable for me, but rather still I was glad for myself that I could perform before the esteemed judges “Madhubala Chawla”,”Ujwala Kelkar” and “Kaushal Inamdar”…

The visit:

In the wake of saying farewell to the occasion, it was the ideal opportunity for some “Mumbai Darshan”. We boarded a smaller than normal travel organization transport, which would take us to all significant vacation spots and touring places. While voyaging, I was so immersed in paying special mind to any performing artist/on-screen character, who by chance may leave any inn or any film shooting going on occupied streets. My eyes were totally looking; I was lost in the impulses and mold remainder of Bollywood.
After visiting “Jahangir art gallery” in the morning, we set out toward “Kamala Nehru garden”. The park was loaded with chirpy youngsters playing in the recreation center, which had an extremely decent boot house. The senior citizens were walking around the trail. Later, we moved to the “Chatrapathi Shivaji vastu sangrahalaya” (museum), I should say it is huge to complete and couldn’t be finished in a solitary day.

The time was 5.30 PM. The excursion coordinators took us to “Haji Ali”, the heavenly place, where every one of your desires materialize; I excessively got a brilliant open door, making it impossible to visit the perfect journey. Our last goal for the day was the “Iskcon temple” close to the Juhu shoreline. The time was around 6.00PM. The shoreline was covered with plastic sacks and glasses; rather we stayed close to the shed to have a few chats i.e., pani puri and bhel puri. On the off chance that you happen to visit Mumbai and don’t eat famous chats then what’s the enjoyment in being around here.

The incident:

As we walked close to our transport, I saw couple of men playing a game on the carpet. You nearly observe these sorts of diversions in clubhouse, rearranging the bite the dust from one glass to other. My sharp perception drove some more interesting win 3-4 amusements, when I began calling attention to the glass in a steady progression. I didn’t understand he was one among the speculators, who was tossing the dice. He continued playing and earned 1000 bucks, he solicited us a change from Rs.500. We were hesitant to offer him the cash, as he had just 1000 Rupee note, however he asked and guaranteed he would give back the change. Poor me, the woman lost around the local area trusted his words and loaned him the cash. He played the amusement for the last time and he lost. We were duped. At the point when my dad asked him the cash, he carried on as though he dint know us and said “you played the amusement, you lost”. I was dumbstruck. On recovering my faculties, I saw the man simply vanish. I couldn’t help myself, yet feel frustrated about being silly. I was so disturbed; I ventured into my transport, and the general population around began mumbling, “yehi do hai Na? jisne jua khela” – (these are the two individuals who bet?). I thought we would be tossed out of the transport, yet we were sufficiently fortunate, nothing of that sort happened. Without a doubt, it was humiliating. I nearly felt tears in my eyes.

How would I be able to believe an outsider out and about, who coincidentally was a cheat not surprisingly? Why dint then the tune turn up “mama told me don’t be talking to a stranger, stranger, stranger!!!” I would acknowledge rather.

Forget about the past, gone with the wind and gone in 60 seconds. Such occurrences are so normal in huge urban communities. Why huge urban communities? Crooks are all around, the person who cheats and the person who gets duped. I ought to have thought before and I ought not have continued observing such recreations in the city and just get once more into the transport. I recall that I used to say “Once I go to Mumbai I will never return”. In such a circumstance, I needed to return home securely without getting deceived more by anybody and anyplace.

The vast craving I had, the inclination to visit Mumbai, vanished on a last minute. I without a doubt learnt a lesson, yet regardless I cherish the general population who live such a quick life in this fantasy city – Mumbai.


Last but not the least – my slogan goes “Apna gaon apna des mahan hota hai” (your city, your country is always great). Where ever you go, you will always want to go back to your beloved hometown or will forever miss being there.

No matter where life takes you or what it teaches you?  You always have to grow up and move on and on. And I know now I am not going to be cupid struck anymore for anything.


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