Keep forgiving your self and relearn
Remember to strive and succeed
Life is difficult but short
You will receive your answers
When in doubt free yourself and travel




The word Andaman itself makes you feel like you are already amusing yourself merrily in a cool island vacation. The word derived from the ancient mythological name Andoman meaning Lord Hanuman in a variant form.


View from my window.

What was more fascinating about this trip was also the thought that we were centrally located between India and Thailand. Flying from namma Bengaluru to Port Blair towards Veer Sawarkar International Airport, the classic name started giving us deep chills of landing in a far location where our brave patriots were imprisoned, punished and hanged to death.

Our flight stretched around 2.30 PM and we were gotten to our Blue Marline Hotel in the focal piece of the city, with sweltering climate. When we reached our lodging, we were so eager and nearly hauled ourselves to the kitchen cellar to help feed our guts. Our tour operator educated us tranquilly to prepare inside 10 mins as sun sets sooner and we wont have the capacity to appreciate the view. I always held yakking to my other buddies that there is a time contrast here and none of them relied calling attention to we belonged to GMT +5.30.

We left to this beautiful beach called Corbyn’s Cove. This was that type of “what we saw and what we expected” moment. It was completely filled with travelers, speaking so loud that we couldn’t hear even the sound waves. Sunset at 4.45 PM was an unexpected turn of the day.

Corbyn's Cove Beach

After this satisfying sight we cleared out to the fundamental famous “CELLULAR JAIL” which has now been transformed into a commemoration . We could scarcely observe anything inside like the lights were lit to have a night Sound and light show portraying lives of detainees and a dim tree living since 100 years talking about the whole story in Om Puri’s voice.

The next day we were shipped to Neil Island. Not far from the city stretch but the journey in a Govt. ship took us 2 hours to reach this tiny blue island. Neil as its called had nothing much to offer other than pretty under construction resorts still waiting for its true beauty to bloom. Chuckling…

Quaint island with beach resorts & coral reefs, additionally a natural rock arch & other picturesque sights holds a most tremendous beauty to the eyes. Unless you visit on a non rainy day.


Map of Neil Island in our resort, showing mainly Sitapur beach, Bharatpur beach. All names which hold an importance in Ramayana.

All the outdoor activities available at this Bharatpur beach were good enough to spend additional 500 Rs/- for a glass boat ride watching deep corals from a narrow glass sheet to look for Brain corals, jack-fruit corals, moon corals and many colored fishes.


Shade and sunshine with rains in between, sheds with meows and moos, chirpy kids and noisy hotel. This place served some amazing fish curry as told by my friends who enjoyed like a happy fella. Home cooked food is what few vegans wanted to relish on and Hola, we literally found our peace of joy; Dal Rice with Potato curry. An overnight stay at the Pearl Park beach resort which was under construction as good as a home stay.

Next day at 6.30 AM we left to the Havelock Island, this time thru a non-public deliver. The costs of paying a private ferry vs Govt. changed into genuinely was seen off right here. Well controlled service, who took care of our baggage and helped us climb the huge “green ocean cruise”, unlike the latter, where we needed to rush in speeding, hitting ourselves with out a steerage and directions. Tip: Please try to e book private ferry as opposed to juggle with your bags for a seat.

Havelock Island: The most famous island with silky beaches, smooth white sands, teal blue waters, a paradise for travelers. We were staying at a resort named TSL, it was so calm, a real heaven on earth, located near Radhanagar beach. A street filled with local eateries and shops with handmade crafts.


A coastline wide enough for a chilling walk in the evening. Apart from the best sunset view, scuba diving and snorkeling are the highlights of this gorgeous island. Gears available at the diving centers who train you minutes before the dive. Other important beaches are Elephant Beach, Vijay Nagar Beach and Kalapathar.

Our resort held a cute library for nerds like me and a special spa like treatment at every corner.



Who doesn’t love it: )

Shipping back to Port Blair was again interesting this time, as locals kept talking about a near coming Tsunami and we were frightened enough to land back to the city. In the morning, we once again booked our tickets to CELLULAR JAIL. We hired a guide who could enchant us with freedom struggle stories. As a history buff i was totally lost listening to his words.

He stated that “There is a two hour time difference here, as sun rises at 4.30 AM in the morning that makes people be active right from there until wrapping up at 4.45 PM in the evening. You all know that Bhagat Singh was the only Singh who was hanged to death but here you will see so many more brave-hearts who fought the freedom struggle for Indian Independence.

This jail was called as Saza-e-Kalapani which meant Kaal until death. This was used by Britishers to exile political prisoners to this remote island surrounded by black waters with no escape. Many great personalities were imprisoned here among them were Veer Sawarkar, Batukeshwar Dutt etc. The whole jail consisted of 7 wings like an inside of a bicycle. Unfortunately, during the second world war, the four spokes were destroyed by an atom bomb destroying the parts that connected a central dome with walk lifts.


Only 3 of them accessible leading to different cells. Each cell with a width and height of 14.8 ft × 8.9 ft long and a facade ventilator facing lower down so that the prisoner would never see nor try to communicate with the opposite cell member. It was designed in such a way that between each spoke was a oil mil alternate with a loo.


As we walked past this iconic and legendary monument, our guide continued with his stories how each prisoners spirit was demoralised as soon they were transported here by small ships from India. Ideally, they were tortured to death by giving them food in a plate container which was supposed to be used for squatting also. On strike they were hurdled with still more worst conditions of chaining them with large cuffs, making them impossible to walk. On spirits shattered they were loosely unchained. Those who sustained with rebel spirit were given jute dress as prison code smeared inside with termite itching powder. Those who could not push and pull more oil were beaten blue. Those lives were seriously tortured to such an extent that at last they had to surrender to their patriotic crime. Initially these islands were inhabitable and large troops of ships were sent here posting Ads in newspapers of having sent men to serve India. Spirited men came off to this Island and were forced to build colonies here. Later, women were sent to nurse these prisoners inside the jail. The total population grew over lakhs and families started expanding. He also mentioned that there was no crime in this city as their ancestors have gone thru so much pain that most of the police stations and courts were empty.

“Mera Rang De Basanti Chola” moment –


Cellular as it means solitary confinement. The entire building held 657 cells, now only few can be seen from the 3 wings standing tall. Traversing this entire location, viewing inside the kitchen which was locked however. Before a prisoner was to be hanged he would be washed and embalmed with pure water. Three knots of death as spoken around. The gallow room needed threads to make hence gave a kind of occupation to these prisoners to use the oil machine to fetch oil and other machines to make threads for the “FaasiGhar”. Those who were hanged were never cremated and their dead bodies were tied to heavy stones and were thrown into the sea. He said that during the night, weird sounds of hand cuffs were heard. That does not make this place ghostly, but yes it’s a different feeling altogether to be here and listening to these sagas makes one feel depressed.

The walls of the cells were painted white and hence we could not really see the depictions painted by legends. Lastly, we visited the museum which showcased all the memorabilia of Pre-independence pictures, coins, stamps, utensils used by prisoners, clothes, locks, keys and other iconic items. Miniature models of the jail, paintings from various artists, before and after construction sights, views of different angles from the jail across the hill top and more.”

There is so much more in this place, actually a temple that mere writing wont portray all the stories, i believe every Indian should visit in his lifetime.

Our last hop was this famous Chidiya Tapu known as bird island, which we probably missed reaching due to traffic jam and we kind of jumped from our SUV s to click pictures before we bid adieu to our Sun God.


True Kala Paani


Travel itinerary:

The best time to visit Andaman is during the summer and winter months of October to May. This is the perfect time to enjoy water sports and mild temperatures.

Bangalore to Port Blair via major flights operating daily. Prior booking is necessary as this is the major tourist destination now. Nothing much with Do’s and Don’ts as this city is travel friendly with slightly less options roaming in a bikini if left with. You will end up eating every item on the menu; Of course veg for me. BSNL and Airtel works OK in the city but not in the islands, forget about the internet. ATM’s are slow and carrying enough cash is always better. What you can carry back home? few handmade jewelry, show pieces(quite expensive) as compared to island shops. Hell ya, there were no fridge magnets available for collectors, finding one costed me 250 Rs/-

I shall update my picks from Andaman soon :0

Gokarna – Tranquillity redefined

Om Namah Shivaya Namah Om was the ditty recited by couple of nonnatives at Cafe 1987, resort situated at the slope top of Kudle shoreline, as we headed inside to fill our bottomless pit. A place with great seating course of action with cushions and beddings on the floor, high quality paper lanterns, colossal Graffiti painted in fall hues with shower paints “There is no way to Happiness.. Happiness is the way“, some little earthen pots with therapeutic herbs and an adorable establishment of Shiva Lingaa in the corner perfumed with incense sticks and little Diya’s looked delightful.

Mythology says “Ruler Ravana was once honored with divine Atma Lingaa when he impressed Lord Shiva by his profound supplications towards Lord Shiva. Amid Ravana’s visit back to Lanka, he ended on the ocean shore to perform sandhya vandane(evening supplications), while he gave the Atma Lingaa to Lord Ganapati who camouflaged as a Brahmin and hence Lord Ganapati set the Lingaa on the ground established when Ravana did not return promptly and in this way every one of the forces of the Lingaa were lost. In anger, Ravana attempted to haul out the Lingaa from the beginning, an outcome it de-formed and broke into a few pieces. Ravana tossed these pieces in various headings” and hence one such place is Gokarn, which means Cows Ear in Karnataka.

Surprisingly, most of the visitors I met were from Germany, Spain, Italy and South America who visit India during winter to learn Vedic chants, Yoga, Sun salutation, Meditation, Reiki, Iyengar Yoga and more.

Kudle beach – accessible by walk or rickshaw from Gokarn city, one of the most popular beaches, is where we rented a beautiful cottage at Namastey holiday homes. I believe everyone here acknowledges a Namastey instead of a Hello and are so friendly, serving every dish made with sanctity. Nearly 13 restaurants serving Italian, Caribbean, Mexican, Goan, South Indian food nearby. Precisely inferring what each recipe is made of like Upma made with Semolina. We spent our first day relaxing around the beach, we were lucky to grab enough of Mexican food and of course mouth-watering Gobi Manchuria.

Kudle beach is steep and is dangerous for diving. In spite of the warning signs people have lost lives swimming here. However, we decided to settle back and breathe easy, unwind and rest.


(my shot at the beach)

Nearby young ladies accumulated around each nonnative, to offer fake stone gems. I welcome that these explorers do purchase the stuff as souvenirs every costing Re/ – 200-500. Somehow, I felt the costs of pieces of jewelry, key chains were too high and how these outcasts get hoodwinked. Listening to one of their discussions, the young lady said, she makes a trip each day to the shoreline to sell her gems and she knows how to make them by hand consummately. In the event that, we need to get it changed she will supplant. This young lady was offered a container of Sprite from one Italian person. He was informing her concerning his home in Alps. He likewise purchased a neck piece for his better half and was inquiring as to whether his decision was adequate. The young lady was feeling great inside the Hotel far from scorching beams. Of course, the nearby servers were eve prodding these young ladies. Tragically these young ladies have stopped tutoring and are bringing home the bacon by offering stone gems. I was peaceful perplexed on the measure of information they share naming every stone, which I scarcely penned down. Topaz, and some high review gems. I got two neck pieces as well!! J For Re/ – 100. The young ladies tongue was Gujarati, she talked great English, Hindi and Kannada.

Strolling ahead, after a flavorful feast at the Sunrise Café, we moved to the swimming pool of our resort. 4 section of land is changed over to wonderful slope see cottage homes. We met numerous individuals who were meditating Om Namaha Shivay and were occupied with moving to psychedelic music. They wore orange clothing; a Lungi and Shailya on the shoulders and tangled hair or Jatha/dreadlocks which is an image of Shiva’s streaming locks. Generally, voyagers/hippies or even Reggae inspired individuals wear Jatha in a twisted bunch or bundle on top of the head. The strands are rubbed with ashes and dairy animals manure, considered both sacrosanct and purifying, then scented and decorated with blooms or beads. All things considered, numerous styles and techniques including this.


(my shot inside the resort)

Hallucinogenic music “psychedelia” one kind of genre is heard all around. Standing between music lines, I watched Om being spread in all tunes. This prompting Psychedelic deep sense of being includes any sort of altered state (ritualistic or not) that by one means or another places you in contact with a persistent journey for God. A delightful lady from Romania was moving and it could recount to us one story that she fancied herself as one of the solid associations she made in looking and raising with God. I would not say much on that in the event that she could have galvanized with any psychedelic pill. Bewildering however, as I was a long ways past the creative ability of the possibility that these explorers are enlivened by our way of life, yet have not pulled back from banned recreational exercises. This woman wore a long skirt, secured herself with a scarf, a bindi on her brow, anklet, bangles, and tangled hair. She looked pretty and her creative abilities were told on the paper independent from anyone else, when she rapidly drew a geometric outline and raced to stick it on the bistro dividers. All were stunned. 🙂


The following day we enlisted an auto to explore OM beach. As we climbed the foothill, the shoreline look deserted. I was confounded when I assessed the shape of OM. No inquiries for the sensational Gods creation. We can plainly make out the profundity of the shore, bedraggled than Kudle shoreline and very few diner spots to chill. We addressed the neighborhood boat proprietors who showed us a good time at Rs/ – 1600 to Half-Moon beach, Paradise beach, the light house and returning to Kudle beach. We located couple of dolphins seizing little separation from the shore, striking it rich we envisioned them swinging like a snake.


Credits: Google Maps

As we reached our cottage, we met our neighbor, an elderly lady in her 50’s who was in  India for the fourth time. After learning Massage and Spa benefits from a Pune centre she was here to learn Iyengar Yoga in Gokarn. It is chiefly Hatha Yoga and spotlights on alignment of physical body parts managing diverse Asanas and 14 Pranayam methods. How would you feel when a outsider educates you such variety of things concerning your nation which you dint know?? This old lady is a Yoga instructor in Madrid, Spain and conducts classes 3 days a week. She told us why she was impacted by Hinduism and trusts “God is all over the place” and feels glad to discover God inside ourselves. Droning Om Namah Shivay each morning, working out, going to Yoga classes at the resort and was all solidness and generous sitting tight for her girl to reach India, and was excited to visit Hampi, Ajanta, Ellora and Cochin all in just 17 days. Truth be told, we guided about her next goal Goa, Mumbai and spots she ought to feast and living. My significant other demonstrated her few photographs he shot in Hampi. The woman couldn’t trust her eyes. She was super eager to visit one of the best verifiable places in India. She was talking in her Spanglish highlight, I wanted to hear increasingly.

I constrained her to try “Pani puri”. She scribbled the name in her iPad storyboard, where she had gathered few names of vegetable recipes she savored in Pune. She was curious to know more stories and history identifying with Gokarn, Kanyakumari, Rameshwaram as well. I was so happy to describe it to her. She was awe-inspired and communicated to make it on her next rundown. I exhorted her to visit some well known strongholds and royal residences. I was grinning wide, when my significant other uncovered how he was roused by the motion picture “Zindagi na milegi dobara”. The majority of the taping was shot in Spain. Exacting interpretation of the motion picture name was entertaining. “You won’t get another life” and she was flying high to hear we knew such a great amount about her nation. The conventional Pamplona’s Running of the bulls, Scuba diving in Costa Brava, Bungee bouncing in Barcelona, Skydiving in Seville Andalucia, La Tomatina celebration in Valencia, Flamenco dance form – a honest to goodness Spanish art, and to be more exact a bona fide Southern Spanish craftsmanship. Existing in three structures Cante, the song, Baile, the move, and Guitarra, guitar playing…I additionally talked about my exhibitions in one of the shows, singing a Spanish melody Asereje. She was transfixed. Danza Kuduro, a Spanish/Portuguese tune, splendid foot tapping move number. It was a greater amount of an Ind-Western social trade program-me for us.

Lastly to say, the café holds various western musical instruments like

Didgeridoo, aboriginal hardwood instrument from Australia and is mainly available in Rishikesh,India. Watch here, our friend playing it brilliantly Didgeridoo


Google credits

A cajón is nominally a six-sided, box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru, played by slapping the front or rear faces with the hands, fingers, or sometimes assorted implements such as brushes, mallets, or sticks. cajon

I proudly say, I played few beats perfectly.


A djembe or jembe is a rope-tuned skin-covered goblet drum played with bare hands, originally from West Africa. There are daily bhajans and jamming sessions crooning Shiva strotams. Travelers find it easy and eager to learn and spread knowledge about Hinduism, worshiping Bholenath. (Hymn).. so musical.


Numerous travelers regard our way of life, have faith in Vedic serenades, take after our customs and dress so straightforward. They acknowledge Indian established music and need to spread Hindu culture which the majority of our Indians have overlooked. I was stunned when an European was filling in as low maintenance server and amid his leisure time was reciting shlokas like no other pundit.

One Italian lady revealed how she was feeling protected and secure living in India. Her 2 year old charming child was circling the bistro and was interfacing with the majority of the general population. He communicated in Italian but then would attach well. That is the dialect kids talk. His mom was snooping on my dish and was interested to recognize what I was having for breakfast and lunch. I prompted her to attempt some great formulas on the menu, not at all like she was fasting on servings of mixed greens and her child was getting a charge out of vanilla frozen yogurt regular.

At long last, we said farewell to every one of them and educated to be back following 6 months for another sedating scene of social trade, tranquilizing episode of warmth, sharing thoughts, making companions, getting some outside air, watching the beautiful excellence of Gokarn, crunching best Vegan cooking styles and more J

A foreign exchange program-me justified, despite all the trouble, truly an eye-opener stumble on an alternate note. Meeting new individuals, communicating and guiding about India and I can even now hear the Om reverberating in my ears.

A memory worth embracing and we are re-living each moment exquisitely.

Travel Distance from Bangalore

485km via NH4

Stay – Local lodges and beach resorts. Travel rides – bikes and auto.

Food – you get everything.








Worst fellow travellers with you

How does it feel to travel in solitude, get onto a plane/transport/train and locate some eccentric creatures alongside you grinning repulsively,smiling obnoxiously, talking, whining just to dispose of you. (Smirks)

Snoring like a loud horn


Now and then a roof fan without a controller is greatly improved than a person who is wheezing like a horn. The sound is so boisterous and feels like there was an alert called for emergency exit.

Pardon me, roaring and roaring, the old man is snoring!!

Nappy time


Baby has peed, pooed in his nappy and the only place available to change the baby’s diaper is the place by you. Yikes; vacant seat 🙂
You ought to have carried a crate of tissues and enough perfumes…:( while the more youthful children kicking your seat and pulling the pad until you truly take a gander at them indignantly. Grrrrrrr

Can you pass the newspaper ??


When you purchase a perusing material and you are charmed in it. Abruptly, you get your neighbor peeping onto. That is the manner by which you pass a distrustful grin at him and after that he asks you the supplement.

News chronicles exactly at Rs.3/. Cant you get one?

Hogging like never before

Whether in a train or in a transport, you discover them eating covetously like he has been starving for a considerable length of time, crunching till the last moment of flight, biting gums persistently, tensely sitting tight for the following chai-wala. Where does the rubbish go?

Reply: Out of the window simply hitting you. It’ s like somebody wakes you by sprinkling water all over as if it showered on a speeding train. Check to ensure your nearby neighbor more likely than not washed his hands.

Though travel is fun, adventurous bus and train rides, straining flights i still have stories to start and finish.


Golden Palms – Spot me in a Resort

There are times when you need to relax and spell some magic charm on yourselves. Thus, you can reach this resort in Bangalore.

Beat the Heat for a day.

Distance – Travel Time

Start from From Majestic, Karnataka, India
Destination To Golden Palm, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Driving Distance 15 kms or 9.3 miles or 8.1 nautical miles
Driving Time 25 minutes unless you meet ugly traffic




Perfect Pooooool


Beer and a pool side seat..


If not nature, what are you looking for ?


As he sets down the line..


He bids adieu setting a golden hue…


As the night charms. 🙂