Gokarna – Tranquillity redefined

Om Namah Shivaya Namah Om was the ditty recited by couple of nonnatives at Cafe 1987, resort situated at the slope top of Kudle shoreline, as we headed inside to fill our bottomless pit. A place with great seating course of action with cushions and beddings on the floor, high quality paper lanterns, colossal Graffiti painted in fall hues with shower paints “There is no way to Happiness.. Happiness is the way“, some little earthen pots with therapeutic herbs and an adorable establishment of Shiva Lingaa in the corner perfumed with incense sticks and little Diya’s looked delightful.

Mythology says “Ruler Ravana was once honored with divine Atma Lingaa when he impressed Lord Shiva by his profound supplications towards Lord Shiva. Amid Ravana’s visit back to Lanka, he ended on the ocean shore to perform sandhya vandane(evening supplications), while he gave the Atma Lingaa to Lord Ganapati who camouflaged as a Brahmin and hence Lord Ganapati set the Lingaa on the ground established when Ravana did not return promptly and in this way every one of the forces of the Lingaa were lost. In anger, Ravana attempted to haul out the Lingaa from the beginning, an outcome it de-formed and broke into a few pieces. Ravana tossed these pieces in various headings” and hence one such place is Gokarn, which means Cows Ear in Karnataka.

Surprisingly, most of the visitors I met were from Germany, Spain, Italy and South America who visit India during winter to learn Vedic chants, Yoga, Sun salutation, Meditation, Reiki, Iyengar Yoga and more.

Kudle beach – accessible by walk or rickshaw from Gokarn city, one of the most popular beaches, is where we rented a beautiful cottage at Namastey holiday homes. I believe everyone here acknowledges a Namastey instead of a Hello and are so friendly, serving every dish made with sanctity. Nearly 13 restaurants serving Italian, Caribbean, Mexican, Goan, South Indian food nearby. Precisely inferring what each recipe is made of like Upma made with Semolina. We spent our first day relaxing around the beach, we were lucky to grab enough of Mexican food and of course mouth-watering Gobi Manchuria.

Kudle beach is steep and is dangerous for diving. In spite of the warning signs people have lost lives swimming here. However, we decided to settle back and breathe easy, unwind and rest.


(my shot at the beach)

Nearby young ladies accumulated around each nonnative, to offer fake stone gems. I welcome that these explorers do purchase the stuff as souvenirs every costing Re/ – 200-500. Somehow, I felt the costs of pieces of jewelry, key chains were too high and how these outcasts get hoodwinked. Listening to one of their discussions, the young lady said, she makes a trip each day to the shoreline to sell her gems and she knows how to make them by hand consummately. In the event that, we need to get it changed she will supplant. This young lady was offered a container of Sprite from one Italian person. He was informing her concerning his home in Alps. He likewise purchased a neck piece for his better half and was inquiring as to whether his decision was adequate. The young lady was feeling great inside the Hotel far from scorching beams. Of course, the nearby servers were eve prodding these young ladies. Tragically these young ladies have stopped tutoring and are bringing home the bacon by offering stone gems. I was peaceful perplexed on the measure of information they share naming every stone, which I scarcely penned down. Topaz, and some high review gems. I got two neck pieces as well!! J For Re/ – 100. The young ladies tongue was Gujarati, she talked great English, Hindi and Kannada.

Strolling ahead, after a flavorful feast at the Sunrise CafĂ©, we moved to the swimming pool of our resort. 4 section of land is changed over to wonderful slope see cottage homes. We met numerous individuals who were meditating Om Namaha Shivay and were occupied with moving to psychedelic music. They wore orange clothing; a Lungi and Shailya on the shoulders and tangled hair or Jatha/dreadlocks which is an image of Shiva’s streaming locks. Generally, voyagers/hippies or even Reggae inspired individuals wear Jatha in a twisted bunch or bundle on top of the head. The strands are rubbed with ashes and dairy animals manure, considered both sacrosanct and purifying, then scented and decorated with blooms or beads. All things considered, numerous styles and techniques including this.


(my shot inside the resort)

Hallucinogenic music “psychedelia” one kind of genre is heard all around. Standing between music lines, I watched Om being spread in all tunes. This prompting Psychedelic deep sense of being includes any sort of altered state (ritualistic or not) that by one means or another places you in contact with a persistent journey for God. A delightful lady from Romania was moving and it could recount to us one story that she fancied herself as one of the solid associations she made in looking and raising with God. I would not say much on that in the event that she could have galvanized with any psychedelic pill. Bewildering however, as I was a long ways past the creative ability of the possibility that these explorers are enlivened by our way of life, yet have not pulled back from banned recreational exercises. This woman wore a long skirt, secured herself with a scarf, a bindi on her brow, anklet, bangles, and tangled hair. She looked pretty and her creative abilities were told on the paper independent from anyone else, when she rapidly drew a geometric outline and raced to stick it on the bistro dividers. All were stunned. 🙂


The following day we enlisted an auto to explore OM beach. As we climbed the foothill, the shoreline look deserted. I was confounded when I assessed the shape of OM. No inquiries for the sensational Gods creation. We can plainly make out the profundity of the shore, bedraggled than Kudle shoreline and very few diner spots to chill. We addressed the neighborhood boat proprietors who showed us a good time at Rs/ – 1600 to Half-Moon beach, Paradise beach, the light house and returning to Kudle beach. We located couple of dolphins seizing little separation from the shore, striking it rich we envisioned them swinging like a snake.


Credits: Google Maps

As we reached our cottage, we met our neighbor, an elderly lady in her 50’s who was in  India for the fourth time. After learning Massage and Spa benefits from a Pune centre she was here to learn Iyengar Yoga in Gokarn. It is chiefly Hatha Yoga and spotlights on alignment of physical body parts managing diverse Asanas and 14 Pranayam methods. How would you feel when a outsider educates you such variety of things concerning your nation which you dint know?? This old lady is a Yoga instructor in Madrid, Spain and conducts classes 3 days a week. She told us why she was impacted by Hinduism and trusts “God is all over the place” and feels glad to discover God inside ourselves. Droning Om Namah Shivay each morning, working out, going to Yoga classes at the resort and was all solidness and generous sitting tight for her girl to reach India, and was excited to visit Hampi, Ajanta, Ellora and Cochin all in just 17 days. Truth be told, we guided about her next goal Goa, Mumbai and spots she ought to feast and living. My significant other demonstrated her few photographs he shot in Hampi. The woman couldn’t trust her eyes. She was super eager to visit one of the best verifiable places in India. She was talking in her Spanglish highlight, I wanted to hear increasingly.

I constrained her to try “Pani puri”. She scribbled the name in her iPad storyboard, where she had gathered few names of vegetable recipes she savored in Pune. She was curious to know more stories and history identifying with Gokarn, Kanyakumari, Rameshwaram as well. I was so happy to describe it to her. She was awe-inspired and communicated to make it on her next rundown. I exhorted her to visit some well known strongholds and royal residences. I was grinning wide, when my significant other uncovered how he was roused by the motion picture “Zindagi na milegi dobara”. The majority of the taping was shot in Spain. Exacting interpretation of the motion picture name was entertaining. “You won’t get another life” and she was flying high to hear we knew such a great amount about her nation. The conventional Pamplona’s Running of the bulls, Scuba diving in Costa Brava, Bungee bouncing in Barcelona, Skydiving in Seville Andalucia, La Tomatina celebration in Valencia, Flamenco dance form – a honest to goodness Spanish art, and to be more exact a bona fide Southern Spanish craftsmanship. Existing in three structures Cante, the song, Baile, the move, and Guitarra, guitar playing…I additionally talked about my exhibitions in one of the shows, singing a Spanish melody Asereje. She was transfixed. Danza Kuduro, a Spanish/Portuguese tune, splendid foot tapping move number. It was a greater amount of an Ind-Western social trade program-me for us.

Lastly to say, the café holds various western musical instruments like

Didgeridoo, aboriginal hardwood instrument from Australia and is mainly available in Rishikesh,India. Watch here, our friend playing it brilliantly Didgeridoo


Google credits

A cajĂłn is nominally a six-sided, box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru, played by slapping the front or rear faces with the hands, fingers, or sometimes assorted implements such as brushes, mallets, or sticks. cajon

I proudly say, I played few beats perfectly.


A djembe or jembe is a rope-tuned skin-covered goblet drum played with bare hands, originally from West Africa. There are daily bhajans and jamming sessions crooning Shiva strotams. Travelers find it easy and eager to learn and spread knowledge about Hinduism, worshiping Bholenath. (Hymn).. so musical.


Numerous travelers regard our way of life, have faith in Vedic serenades, take after our customs and dress so straightforward. They acknowledge Indian established music and need to spread Hindu culture which the majority of our Indians have overlooked. I was stunned when an European was filling in as low maintenance server and amid his leisure time was reciting shlokas like no other pundit.

One Italian lady revealed how she was feeling protected and secure living in India. Her 2 year old charming child was circling the bistro and was interfacing with the majority of the general population. He communicated in Italian but then would attach well. That is the dialect kids talk. His mom was snooping on my dish and was interested to recognize what I was having for breakfast and lunch. I prompted her to attempt some great formulas on the menu, not at all like she was fasting on servings of mixed greens and her child was getting a charge out of vanilla frozen yogurt regular.

At long last, we said farewell to every one of them and educated to be back following 6 months for another sedating scene of social trade, tranquilizing episode of warmth, sharing thoughts, making companions, getting some outside air, watching the beautiful excellence of Gokarn, crunching best Vegan cooking styles and more J

A foreign exchange program-me justified, despite all the trouble, truly an eye-opener stumble on an alternate note. Meeting new individuals, communicating and guiding about India and I can even now hear the Om reverberating in my ears.

A memory worth embracing and we are re-living each moment exquisitely.

Travel Distance from Bangalore

485km via NH4

Stay – Local lodges and beach resorts. Travel rides – bikes and auto.

Food – you get everything.









In love with “Amchi Mumbai”

The obsession:

Each individual cherishes his/her place where they grew up!! Yes, I obviously adore the place where I grew up yet, I was so fixated, in actuality I had become hopelessly enamored with Mumbai and some way or another I needed to arrive.

My initial step started with an interest in “sugam sangeet spardha” (semi-traditional type of music competition). I had attended one in the place where I grew up and Wow!! I stood second. Following ten days of practice, I needed to leave for Mumbai to go along with others for the stupendous finale.

I knew, I would not concentrate genuinely for the mid-term examinations and I bunked three papers. With my dad, I began off to the tinsel town “Mumbai”. I was so amped up for the entire visit, singing my life away.

I was the new girl in the city; I had booked an adorable looking inn close by the area said. I was all upbeat, gazing here and there, all over, watching individuals, taking a gander at all shops I cruised by.

 The competition:

All things considered, the last round was not sufficiently reasonable for me, but rather still I was glad for myself that I could perform before the esteemed judges “Madhubala Chawla”,”Ujwala Kelkar” and “Kaushal Inamdar”…

The visit:

In the wake of saying farewell to the occasion, it was the ideal opportunity for some “Mumbai Darshan”. We boarded a smaller than normal travel organization transport, which would take us to all significant vacation spots and touring places. While voyaging, I was so immersed in paying special mind to any performing artist/on-screen character, who by chance may leave any inn or any film shooting going on occupied streets. My eyes were totally looking; I was lost in the impulses and mold remainder of Bollywood.
After visiting “Jahangir art gallery” in the morning, we set out toward “Kamala Nehru garden”. The park was loaded with chirpy youngsters playing in the recreation center, which had an extremely decent boot house. The senior citizens were walking around the trail. Later, we moved to the “Chatrapathi Shivaji vastu sangrahalaya” (museum), I should say it is huge to complete and couldn’t be finished in a solitary day.

The time was 5.30 PM. The excursion coordinators took us to “Haji Ali”, the heavenly place, where every one of your desires materialize; I excessively got a brilliant open door, making it impossible to visit the perfect journey. Our last goal for the day was the “Iskcon temple” close to the Juhu shoreline. The time was around 6.00PM. The shoreline was covered with plastic sacks and glasses; rather we stayed close to the shed to have a few chats i.e., pani puri and bhel puri. On the off chance that you happen to visit Mumbai and don’t eat famous chats then what’s the enjoyment in being around here.

The incident:

As we walked close to our transport, I saw couple of men playing a game on the carpet. You nearly observe these sorts of diversions in clubhouse, rearranging the bite the dust from one glass to other. My sharp perception drove some more interesting win 3-4 amusements, when I began calling attention to the glass in a steady progression. I didn’t understand he was one among the speculators, who was tossing the dice. He continued playing and earned 1000 bucks, he solicited us a change from Rs.500. We were hesitant to offer him the cash, as he had just 1000 Rupee note, however he asked and guaranteed he would give back the change. Poor me, the woman lost around the local area trusted his words and loaned him the cash. He played the amusement for the last time and he lost. We were duped. At the point when my dad asked him the cash, he carried on as though he dint know us and said “you played the amusement, you lost”. I was dumbstruck. On recovering my faculties, I saw the man simply vanish. I couldn’t help myself, yet feel frustrated about being silly. I was so disturbed; I ventured into my transport, and the general population around began mumbling, “yehi do hai Na? jisne jua khela” – (these are the two individuals who bet?). I thought we would be tossed out of the transport, yet we were sufficiently fortunate, nothing of that sort happened. Without a doubt, it was humiliating. I nearly felt tears in my eyes.

How would I be able to believe an outsider out and about, who coincidentally was a cheat not surprisingly? Why dint then the tune turn up “mama told me don’t be talking to a stranger, stranger, stranger!!!” I would acknowledge rather.

Forget about the past, gone with the wind and gone in 60 seconds. Such occurrences are so normal in huge urban communities. Why huge urban communities? Crooks are all around, the person who cheats and the person who gets duped. I ought to have thought before and I ought not have continued observing such recreations in the city and just get once more into the transport. I recall that I used to say “Once I go to Mumbai I will never return”. In such a circumstance, I needed to return home securely without getting deceived more by anybody and anyplace.

The vast craving I had, the inclination to visit Mumbai, vanished on a last minute. I without a doubt learnt a lesson, yet regardless I cherish the general population who live such a quick life in this fantasy city – Mumbai.


Last but not the least – my slogan goes “Apna gaon apna des mahan hota hai” (your city, your country is always great). Where ever you go, you will always want to go back to your beloved hometown or will forever miss being there.

No matter where life takes you or what it teaches you?  You always have to grow up and move on and on. And I know now I am not going to be cupid struck anymore for anything.