3 Funny Things That Happen Only In Serials

As a youngster, when I initially started watching one of the daily soaps, I used to ponder, how much time do tele specialists require to spruce up, wear substantial adornments, apply layers of cosmetics and after that rest in the same ensemble, get up the following morning and figure out how to have a striking resemblance. How frequently do they change into another ensemble immediately, when do they eat, supper, utilize washrooms, bathe and stuff, go to class, school. At that point a major voice expressed “That is behind the scenes”… Why might you need to see somebody eating and washing in a serial?.

Cooking was an immense subject of discourse in a whole scene, “Aaj khane me kya banaye? Bhendi to nahi hai aur mummy ji ko wohi pasand hai, Hey Bhagwan…kaun layega sabji”, a gigantic issue!!! The entire house can go crazy. “Tumari pasand ka Gajar ka halwa banaya hai”, Its a national sweet dish you see.

All the more precisely, one of the serials first scene began with strained guardians finding a flawless match for proposition gatherings, dismissals, kundali matching to couples initial talks, shy smiles, roses, gifts,long drives,engagement to wedding ceremonies dragged for a complete year.

Well, funny incidents happen only in TV serials and some are hilarious and here are those

1. Escapism
When you watch a character talking on telephone and all of a sudden she says “baad me baat karti hu”. Seriously?? When you would prefer not to talk why do you need to call or receive one? That’s the priority she is picking.

2. Vamp like makeup
Why are all woman reprobates dressed so irregular and get perceived even from a distance, her character is with an aphorism to wreck an ecstatic family. Dreadful sound impacts at whatever point she shows up on screen. Yes, you more likely have heard the same “Kamolika, Mohini”. The custom-made sari blouse, rainbow hued eye shadows, additional long bindis, dark lipsticks keeping in mind this woman hears every one of the discussions stealthily in the house.


3. Talking to self
This procedure mends self comprehension, and hunting down internal identity in the meantime asking few inquiries to yourself? Characters in serials, converse with themselves so uproarious that neighbors can hear as well. I once discovered my flat mate conversing with herself and her face was sufficiently freaky to unnerve the hell-fire out of me. I was confounded and asked “Are you distraught, whom are you conversing with ??” Silence wrapped…

It so happened one day, we were sitting unobtrusively in a room, every one was doing his own particular thing, charmed. My fantastic grand mother started a discussion about Gowri. Her folks had come to take her along as her significant other sent her away. Confused?? Who Gowri?? May be some far off relative, murmurs following a moment, she was whining about the fundamental protagonist of a serial who left her home and was gotten back to by her significant other. Statures of involvement!! All burst out chuckling.

Recently, one of the leads from a TV soap visited a women association for Stri Vikas program. Luckily, she was recognized by couple of spectators outside. One of the elderly individuals began hollering “Why do you wear such moderate garments when you look so sober in serial(complete conventional clothing), you are the perfect bahu, the key individual who tackles everybody’s issues, try not to wear such pieces of clothing (evening gown) and hair let down”. The youthful actress was sufficiently unassuming to answer “its a serial look Amma”. Dead air!

On a genuine note, watching “Friends”, I realized, everybody is so mentally caught up in something and no one responds. These buddies meet over and over, are glad, drink, move and are engaging.

If real life is like this soapy affair:)

Image Credits – Google baba


Funny OneLiners

Bangalore has been worst hit by traffic, commuters across the city speeding from east to west, north to south continue honking and finally reach at a signal which takes more than 20 minutes to cross. I am bored, exasperated, tired, drenched sometimes. But at times, its worth giggling, reading these lines stuck on the rear window of vehicles.

Smirking LOL..

Read on

I hate cheat gals

Dil dosti aur hoshiyaari


Just Wink and I will do the rest

Mom says no racing!!

Please come slow

Mast maja maadu

Lets race and win the trophy from the gal

My girlfriend is here

Tumko Mardaangi ka vaasta

Baby doll hu sone di

Papa kehte hai bada naam karega

God will teach you

I owe u a ride

Aaja meri gaadi me bait ja

Honk loudly

Rider is sleeping

Surf your inner strength than the internet

Mard ko dard nahi hota

Your invited to add more!

Worst fellow travellers with you

How does it feel to travel in solitude, get onto a plane/transport/train and locate some eccentric creatures alongside you grinning repulsively,smiling obnoxiously, talking, whining just to dispose of you. (Smirks)

Snoring like a loud horn


Now and then a roof fan without a controller is greatly improved than a person who is wheezing like a horn. The sound is so boisterous and feels like there was an alert called for emergency exit.

Pardon me, roaring and roaring, the old man is snoring!!

Nappy time


Baby has peed, pooed in his nappy and the only place available to change the baby’s diaper is the place by you. Yikes; vacant seat 🙂
You ought to have carried a crate of tissues and enough perfumes…:( while the more youthful children kicking your seat and pulling the pad until you truly take a gander at them indignantly. Grrrrrrr

Can you pass the newspaper ??


When you purchase a perusing material and you are charmed in it. Abruptly, you get your neighbor peeping onto. That is the manner by which you pass a distrustful grin at him and after that he asks you the supplement.

News chronicles exactly at Rs.3/. Cant you get one?

Hogging like never before

Whether in a train or in a transport, you discover them eating covetously like he has been starving for a considerable length of time, crunching till the last moment of flight, biting gums persistently, tensely sitting tight for the following chai-wala. Where does the rubbish go?

Reply: Out of the window simply hitting you. It’ s like somebody wakes you by sprinkling water all over as if it showered on a speeding train. Check to ensure your nearby neighbor more likely than not washed his hands.

Though travel is fun, adventurous bus and train rides, straining flights i still have stories to start and finish.


5 types of people you will always meet.

A few people are among the angels, known for their heavenly talks.

In any case few individuals have such an elite slant, with regards to managing the vital marvels you know they vanish.

Here are some of them:

1. Stingy


They are known for never spending a solitary penny notwithstanding to buy a solitary plate of idli(celebrated South Indian dish) amid lunch hours. They continue thinking whether to eat or not to eat. While putting in a request, they placidly state “I am not hungry” or “I will eat later. Spare that additional buck. Well, grasped to share plates. They need to purchase a rundown of things, stroll with you to such a variety of shops, take a stab at everything conceivable, ask substitution essentially, search for various hues like they are going to exhaust their entire compensation at one shot. Their bills shout, wallets discuss being poor (Will you stop) me now thing. They will check, gripe, deal, they will search for each and every detail, even which the retailer more likely than not missed. They will begin once more, search for different shops, chart book say “I didn’t discover anything” , Forget it!! Toward the end, purchase a plate of Pani Puri and return home.

2. Boasters


Liar Liar, pants on fire!! You adore their company just to ensure like you will love to mimic them over and over. The hush shared across when they open their mouth. You have a craving for punching their face left and right. They cherish talking, yapping constant about anything. What is the one thing they have not attempted yet?? Windbag about the new telephone they purchased, its components, its shading, its shape and all the ideal extras, you will practically by-heart the item depiction like a catalog to any other individual. They will depict each and every ounce they saw at the Disney arrive, (veritably a neighborhood reasonable) how they spent the night at the bar, the atmosphere, the apartment, as though they were the only ones who traversed 7 oceans. You know 1 burger costs 1 dollar. Is it ?? Whats a burger.

3. Irresponsible

They say they will be there at whatever point you require, like you are their half brother. Best mates re-united. They flaunt their assets however when you truly require some assistance, they require wake up caution calls, they never react, overlook, put on a show to be outstation. “It would be ideal if you leave a voice message”. They need to deal with everybody around like a major Nanny. You should choose when really you require some reason to not ask them. You call them all the more regularly however you hear different reasons. They should leave a recorded message always “Sad I am inaccessible”. Be that as it may, you said you will be there and get the baggage picked from the station. Hello!! Tire puncture.

4. Sleepy siesta


They blabber which you fail to get it. They yawn throughout the day, at work, park, walk, gym,shop ,(LOL) railroad station bench?? So drowsy. Think about a place and you discover them sleeping. Weekend getaways are their beds. Their most loved recreational activity in life is resting. What did you do last Saturday-Sunday. Ok! “I was so lazy”. Like God had blended some sleep initiating pills amid their introduction to the world. Their lone zest in life is expanding number of nap hours. Get up at 11:59 AM, have food and only few zzzzzz’s.

5.  Selfie addicts


Front camera was introduced to snap, snap and snap. You go on a trek in a gathering, while that one individual is posturing for a selfie. You pivot and they are again posturing for another selfie. Day and Night is only a begin, you become more acquainted with their entire Auto Biography in pictures, SELFIE TIME (on the bed, having espresso, at the Gym, riding bicycle, trial room, with pets, attempting new recipe, new serving of mixed greens, new hairdo, new date, down with fever, beating cool hack, eating pani puri, eatery menu, asserting his new BMW, 1000 garments. The exact opposite thing left to posture for is a selfie s(H)itting on a WC. Keep the poop in your organizer not on the announcement.

All things considered, life is a hotshot be it any online networking or simply get together’s. Indeed, even celebrations are turning a yakkity yak. On a little note: Meet increasingly individuals to become more acquainted with new characters, whom you may have missed listening to.


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Blunders, I hate Texting!!

images (1)

Alarm call for a lazy bug, rooster ringtone wakes you up at 7 AM. Ah! Snooze off, off to sleep again. In a matter of few minutes, it is 8 AM. You know, it is such a hard-won task to leave your cozy mattress (snug as a bug in a rug) alone and sign in to the daily chores.

Hurry up, time check. Clock is ticking!!

There are voices coming up from different rooms, like the one from the ads “Rahul paani chala jayega”.

To do list: get fresh, iron your outfit, have breakfast and Run Lola Run to board a bus at 9 AM.

You don’t get time to notice any of your updates on your phone. Sad isn’t it? When you missed reading all the messages, calls from unknown numbers. When someone asks, “What! don’t you read all the messages in the morning?” Still worst isn’t it?. Wait!! I am not sitting with my cell phone every morning after I wake up.

When the smart phones were first introduced, it was a style statement for everyone to carry one and flaunt the model. Never know you might have to take the con-calls on your phone when you are stuck in a traffic jam, and there could be situations like work from traffic 🙂 Thanks for introducing free calling apps. Lamentably, messenger apps are ruining one’s life. Why do people create official groups on messengers and spread information with reference to work. It is easy and free, agreed that local SMS charges apply and there are these apps, which provide features to send free of cost, unlimited texts with attachments using internet plans. Upset over my past action, I accuse myself. Why did I install such an app which is become a basic part of my life. I wish texting was never introduced.

Mobile phone is just an awesome device for me to listen some good music from my playlist or be it on the Radio. Use the camera to what it’s called mobile photography and post it on via photo sharing apps.

Why would you really bother to check  texts you received before leaving home. Only if you read all of them you would know, Inbox: “Today meeting at 8.30 AM”. Who the hell would have read it so early in the morning, when you are running to complete home tasks? At least not me. 😦 Missed glancing once and I reached late; People throw tantrums “Didn’t you read it. Message was sent in the group.”  What message? “I didn’t see”, or was it an escape to not respond to such short notice.

What if your phone battery was dead due to power cut?

What if you turned off the mobile internet or your WiFi was down?

What if there’s no network and people couldn’t reach you?

Possible right? Yes, of course but who cares. You should have seen it, there is no excuse for it, like someone rang the bell in your brains and a silent whisper quoted “Hello, be early you have a meeting”.

Still others are so fretful…. I agree you wish someone through texts, or ask about their well-being. Just a warm hello, “Hi, How are you?” Come on, who’s online, staring at the phone, reading texts and replying instantly, reacting to every other message on the phone?

What if you didn’t read the message because you were busy in a meeting?

What if you are working in a crucial and confidential project and you are not supposed to carry a smart phone?

What if you have to submit your phone at the security, or keep it safe in a locker?

So many reasons right? And still people expect to question you, “Are you so busy? You don’t even reply to my text”.

There are so many more things to do than messaging and fiddling on the phone. This multi-functional device was designed to stay connected. I repeat stay connected and not glued.

Side effects of messaging.

“What’s up?” Reply “Sky”. She/he replied, new thing I found today.

“Sup sup sup”, he was abbreviating to super, super, super, guess his fingers did not move to complete er,er, er but no eh? It meant, What’s up, what’s up. I don’t have anything to say.

“HB”. If you are wishing someone, do it wholeheartedly. I know hb pencils but it read happy birthday. Sulked!!

“Guni”, went for short code “Good Night”.

“Ga”, I can read musical notes in English “sa re ga ma pa”.. I was awestruck, it is “Good Afternoon”.


Annoyed, troubled, disturbed, irked and sorry but, I never got the QWERTY keypad right nor did I manage to get the swipe. Too many errors caused pain to text and look, almost stopped responding to messages. People complained “I don’t understand your replies. I need to learn French to read what you type.” I would prefer listening to your voice on a call, instead of using inaccurate words in a sentence hard to decode, while traveling with less internet connectivity.

It happens, if two contact numbers saved with same name and Err, wrong information to wrong number. Like something cruel, “What did you send me?” oops wrong window. Then which one is the right window?

your finished
your finished

Just a letter typo and life is smashed. A friend received a text from an acquaintance, who also used the apartment WiFi. “Is your wife workibg?” She was supposed to type “Is your WiFi working”? Great reply posted, “LOL m not married and workibg means?” Further, she received 2 missed calls. Awkward and stumbling, forget it. This could be a trick, she sent to verify whether he was single or dating? and then would meet for a coffee, down in dumps.

“Are you comind today to d party? An alphabet error and the reply was comind??? I would have read it so clear. Like I always do. 🙂

Anyways, is it a crime if you don’t reply? Privacy status hidden, you would be thrown out of the group if you are passive contributor and never to be added again. Some relief. 🙂 To clarify ask the admin, do not ask further questions.

Life is getting faster and faster and people are getting busier and busier than sit staring at the device, smile unpretentiously with dimples reading something.

Texting also is impersonal. Emotional sentiments are expressed through typing, without clues such as tone of voice, facial expressions and body language. Its always better to have a face to face conversation in person. As long as you reply, they know it is for you, else few of them realize, it’s a bad way to reach you. Who knows what the person might be thinking, while replying to your text.  A simple reply, just a “k” and this one “okay :)” with a smiley, which would make a hell lot of difference. Again smileys are making a great deal in SMS; without it some may even think it is raw.

images (2)

That’s why talking is always better than messaging, which leaves a clue later, if you discuss some gossip. I have come across such a person, who used to copy messages on a compact disc for proof, like further reading or something. Criminal minds. Unless you use apps to record calls.

People who know you very well will definitely call you. Huh! Talking too much on phone could cause hearing loss. I might have lost few dB of it. And who is all the time texting you 24/7? Kind of questions arise from your family and peer group. Even in a meeting, that glow on your face in the dim light. teehee.. peeping into the phone …

But sometimes texting a little is life saving and is saving time too. Imagine you ask someone some address on a call and instead of reaching Lavelle road you reach Avenue road. Poor accent!! Hearing aid and accent trainer required… Messaging is so damn useful in sending exact address, or pinning current location, unlike any typing mistakes.

You can never predict anyone by assuming him to be crude, impolite, uncivilized, an outlaw – banned from the mobile zone, having bad phone manners. “Why don’t you reply? Oh, you reply so late. Some conversations sink and labeled as “Not interested” members. Your only free time is while you are traveling or 45 minutes lunch break and you are so hungry, planning to grab your meals ASAP.

That is why I keep saying, I am not glued to my cell phone. I would appreciate, if you are reading this on your desktop instead of a phone. Are you still stuck to your phone?

Images: Various sources.

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Saga of travelling in a bus

– for the one less travelled (Rules to follow)


It’s so gala to ride your bike whether rain or sunshine, horn on restricted places, peep in the mirror, take a left turn , go zigzag, switch lanes, take a U turn, if you find police waiting to chuck you, double seat mischief’s, park it easy, style your key in public and roam around.

Who knew I would miss all the boisterous events, when I would relocate to another city. Yes, I could have transported my bike here; still I needed to travel by bus and now sharing the twinge? No, the wicked fun of sitting in a bus. The agony of traveling in a bus, who has never ventured into a bus. NEVERRRRR!!

Rushing and pushing, I climbed in a local bus, I was heading to my aunts home. How less I knew about this new city, that I got down at the wrong point. Looking left, looking right, puzzled???? Wait!! Where am I? Damn!! 3 stops ahead of where I had to get down actually. I paid extra for reaching the wrong stop and boarded another to return. Unfortunately, I asked a wrong lady and she told me the wrong stop.

Rule no 1: Always keep a road map, as to where you want to reach. Because there are people who misguide and you may reach a place you have never been.

 I was waiting to meet a friend for long. She gave me her address and I got into a Volvo (Uncluttered AC bus which charges double the rate of NON AC bus.) But never mind, sitting inside makes you feel you are going into a posh expedition. I stood like a statue, unaware of getting victimized by attractive ladies, who wear face covering glares and carry bags from Louis Vuitton. This lady covered my bag by her dupatta(a scarf worn) and within seconds my wallet was stolen. I still dint realize I had lost it. The lady conductor pulled me to sit and cautioned the passengers “beware there are pick pockets.” She announced, thank god, better late than never.

When I sat down, I saw my purse was torn by a blade and my wallet missing. “What was in it “asked my friend? Cards, some important papers, license, and of course cash… “How much?” Rs. 700/-… “When you have a card why did you carry cash?” Arey, ab toh card bhi gaya na? “It’s OK, call up the bank customer care and block your card”.  Blessed, I had some 50 bucks in my pocket. At least, I could reach her place.

Rule no 2: Please take care of your belongings even you have it in your pocket, keep a track of it.

One evening, I pushed and dashed all women and got in. I was wondering lean lady like me could do it. Task accomplished, I got a vacant seat.  I sat as though I hurdled a 100mt dash and jumped off Mount Everest, swam across Thames. Not being so fortunate, some old lady came in and the other ladies in the bus patted my back and approached me to spare the seat for the poor lady. Not once, not twice, but so many times. Even I have to go a long way?

Rule no 3: Whether you are thin or fat, if you look young, you are sure to be asked to vacate for senior citizen. That’s not wrong, unless you occupy senior citizen’s seat. 🙂

Babies cry in the bus, the mixes of people’s body odor, the fragrances, and someone’s malodorous gases, please I can vacate it for anybody. When some lady is with a child, if she asks you to hold her child on your lap… No it’s better to give her the queens place.

 Rule no 4: It does not matter, how old the child is, but his/her mother will carry him/her just to grab a seat.

And if you have seen someone coming towards you, pretend to be unwell or put your head down. No one will disturb a sleeping person.

I was in a transport some time setting off to the local station and there was an old lady adjacent to me, attempting to converse with me in some south Indian dialect. I was attempting to overlook her. As the TC neared me, he requested that purchase the ticket. That old lady pointed towards me. She was pointing her finger to every other person in the bus for a ticket. Pardon me, I just got up and got away. Above all else, I would not take my granny in a transport.

Rule no 5: Please do not feel pity for few old people who point fingers at you to buy their ticket.

Funny people I came across lately, I was listening to Rihanna and was lost while heading towards office. Some guy threw a chit on me, when he got down. It read his phone number. Mind it; I should have given it in the nearest police station or passed it somewhere or advertised on paper stuck on trees.  There are people who sit staring at you or who just want to push you or try to touch you in some or the other way.

Rule no 6: Stay away from boarding a crowded bus. 

This happened as of late, when I was going back home, I didn’t get a seat and I stood all way and was looking outside. The conductor wanted to get friendly and know about my place, school, work place, and city. Does he need to upgrade his database or something? Ok!! Newcomer points of interest. I have even met individuals, who ask your telephone numbers, since they need to showcase about their firm. “Do you venture to every part of a similar course day by day? Goodness, I am a nutritionist, take my telephone number. I lead coordinated workshops each Sunday. ” Call me 🙂

Rule no 7: Do not provide any of your information to anybody or by-heart a wrong number.

For a fare of Rs.24, I paid Rs.100 and was waiting for the conductor to return Rs.76. I signaled him twice to pay me the change in a packed bus. He delayed to pay until my last stop.  Guess, he wanted to put that in his pocket. When I got down from the bus he returned Rs. 75.  Anyways, he did not have one rupee coin. With a sigh!! Wondering, if I was the lady Gajani, would not he earn that extra buck?

 Rule no 8: Always carry change. Never know.

Who spat on you?

My day would have almost been ruined while passing by a bus, when a sot would have spit on me. I luckily missed his shot (pichkkari) else would have ran home? Nah, would have bashed him and created a scene.  My colleagues have reported many a times that they got slugged by some maroon paan. It’s lucky if a bird drops poppies on your head than get painted in red. Yak, how disgusting.

Rule no 9: Avoid passing by a bus, especially near bus stands. Even if you do, please look up.

Language problem, big problem. I can understand Kannada, but the conductors have always spoken to me in Hindi. No matter what happens, they speak few common words NO (gotilla, illa illa.) Don’t know what I look like; when I speak back in Kannada they are amazed (Kannadavra).

 Rule no 10: Please learn some few words of the desired language to avoid quarrels with them.

It’s been long time now, I am staying in this city and decidedly there is an urgent requirement to buy a bike.  I would love to escape the trouble of waiting at the shelter-less bus stops, board a wrong bus, get down at a wrong place, forget the change, spoil my clothes, accidentally fall, get stepped by pointed heels, inhale mixed odors, fight for a ladies seat,  get robbed and finally run behind the bus like the scene from Jab we met.. Rukooooo


Bus ab bus.. I don’t want to be the damsel in distress any more. Time for a pleasure ride….

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An affair in younger daughters town

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Plans fail sometimes – please don’t ask why?.  When we planned for a team outing!!

After a long discussion, members decided on some great spots Wonderla, Snow city, Coorg, Ooty, Munnar, Mysore etc. These are the sightseeing places in and around Bangalore. Looking at other teams, we always felt we were caged “oh what animal do I look like”.  Unfortunately, I was sick the day when this world summit took place. Friday morning I received a text message from my colleague “Hey we are going to Chikmaglur, Is that OK with you??” and “Yes I am in”.

After all the pleading and requesting, this is how we began our short OD (one day) trip to Chikmaglur, a small district in Karnataka, where you find every house with a coffee estate, families owning a big resort on top of the hills.

Yeah!! Lemons were crushed under the tires at 12 ‘o clock on Friday night, we were late because our manager was refusing to join us though he was very much interested. We picked him up from his home and tracked on the NH48, as we had to reach Hassan at 3.00 AM,  where we were supposed to pick another ex-colleague.

Travel Distance – The distance from Bangalore to Chikmaglur is 250km – you can travel by local transport, private Tempo Traveler (TT), or by car and also by flight to Mangalore then by bus or hire a cab. Heading towards Hassan and then a deviation from there just 55km away is Chikmaglur.

The “coffee land of Karnataka” also means “younger daughters town” in Kannada. There are stories that this place was bought  by a seer named Baba Budan from West Asia whose shrine is located atop the hills. Well, I do not want to start a history feed here.

We reached around 5.30 AM and that guy whom we picked from Hassan did not allow us to sleep whole night, because he kept sharing his stories in the TT.  We booked 3 rooms in a hotel named Planters court. Such a nice hotel which charged Rs. 4000 for just 2 hours for using their bathrooms, of course 14 people. Few guys demanded hot shower, so we had to wait for the rusted taps to release hot sprinkles which would only be benefited from 6.30 AM to 7.00 AM (Tourist place always costly). After 7.00 AM, even if you are freezing, you have no option but take a plunge in cold water.

We watched the sun rise – splendid and marvelous scenery. They say a person should take time to watch a sunrise or a sunset once a day. My wish got fulfilled.


We were out-bulged after a wholesome breakfast near the lodge. King like plates filled with delicacies: large Masala dosa, Idli with two wadas, Chikmaglur special bun and famous instant coffee into our bellies. We were stuffed.

Over and out we headed towards Mullayanagiri, a place located 6343sq feet above sea level, the highest peak in Karnataka. It’s one of the best trekking places I have ever seen. In winter, you won’t get to see the place so clear as it is smothered with fog.

One the way, we stopped to take few shots of the gods own nature. Bliss to the souls, embalms you to the evergreen beauty.


Road to Mullayanagiri enthralled us.



Climbing the steps in action.


200 steps in not less than an hour and we made it. There’s a Lord Shiva temple at the top. To beat the scorching heat,  you don’t have to cover yourself as the wind blows right thru your hair and it’s chilling under your feet. Lot of Vitamin D, spa like treatment, you may feel the fresh air similar to an ice cube on your face; complete facial. Free from the daily trifles, I felt too good while climbing.


Ah! I looked back to see how many steps I was above. I defeated all of them and stood first as my lean structure was of good help. My fellow mates were still climbing.


A view from the bull temple.


Shiva Temple.

The final destination of Mullayanagiri range.  Victory. At last, touched the honorable flag post. On clear days, Arabian Sea is visible from this point. I could not make out anything as everything looked blue.


Next stop was at a small Parvati temple nearby, I found a colorful wooden chariot inside a shed. I don’t know where on earth this gets pulled, but believe me, a fare takes place every year, to mark a feast of Baba Budan and thousands of devotees visit this temple.


We were almost squashed as we had to trek and find paths to reach the main temple at Bababudangiri. We were screaming (Jawano aage bado, badate raho) – keep walking keep searching and could hear the echoes. Hungry and hail looking out for hotel detail..:(. I caught sight of a local kirani (grocery) shop to chill my throat with butter milk and curb my hunger with a packet of Lays.

This place is visited by both Hindus and Muslims. Worshipers believe if you search Baba, you are enlightened.  Baba meditated 150 years ago and people say he is still alive. Rest is history.

We didn’t find a proper restaurant and decided to travel another 15 miles to Hebbay falls and take a dip, dance under the waterfall and hog somewhere around. Poor we, as usual. On the way, it was full of mystery to wonderland (The Road to El Dorado types). Oops, if you find a way you will return else you have to stay in the jungle. Ultimate mud roads, breathe taking turns, pelting stones and poking shrubs. I was chanting Hare Rama Hare Krishna. If the tire skids you never know, we would take a free ticket and our whole team would have washed out. Thank god nothing of that sort happened. Mid way we met few people, who told us that road to the waterfalls was under construction and you would not reach there. We drove ahead and asked another man coming in the opposite direction, he just stared like a south Indian film villain and walked off. We chuckled. We drove further and met a man cycling back when stopped and questioned he waved his hands and went off. Now, this was like all gazes and stares to each other. A suspense thriller, yet we drove and this time, a Skoda car coming back. We did not stop them, they passed us and said “All the best”. Come on now this was 90’s mystery where one stares, one says no (illa illa) and another, all the best. We were curious and I remembered CID, ACP Pradhyumna speaking “ye raasta kahan ja raha hai Daya, zara dekho to sahi” and all dare devil movies like purani haveli, gumnam raasta with some background score from the movie “Satte Pe Satta”. What was it that made this place so interesting we wanted to find?

Yahoo! We got the check post and then got the most wanted answer from the guard who said” You are on the right track, but the bus would not reach there, the roads are closed and you will have to walk 5miles. You have traversed 6km now”. Ahey!! Who is going to walk so long, looking at the capacity of the people, we would reach the next day, all were tired and more over hungry. So, we took a diversion to Kemmangundi and drove another 11km.

Kemmanagundi, a place similar to others, you find Ghats section, roads in a zigzag manner. A rock garden hardly found any rocks, but got to see some hybrid Roses, Gerbera and wild flowers.


Surprisingly, discovered a resort cum restaurant, built well at an international locale, a board pointed “Vegetarian” hotel. Wow! We were hungry, if served we would have attacked like an alien.


We made nice plans while stepping inside; order Gobi Manchuri, Fried Rice, Dal Roti with fresh Lime juice.  Lip smacking dishes right?? . Unlike other hotels, it was a ramshackle; don’t know when it would tumble down. It looked beautiful outside. On top of the hotel, few families were waiting to be served along with 8 boney stray dogs, barking aloud, with cataract eyes, panting to eat, as if last when they ate was blue moon day. Excuse-me, I wanted to run away.

Two of my team mates left the place searching for another hotel nearby, by chance they find we would eat some better food. They came back saying “there is another Non-Vega hotel behind this place”. Everybody ran towards this hotel, I being a vegetarian had no option but to go stay here. One guy stood up like a Spartan and said” you all wait here; I will go there and check out if there is a menu card”. HAHAHA.  He returned saying” The non-vegan pointer points to the same hotel where we initially stood waiting for vegan food.


No other goes but took a U-turn to the vegan hotel. This time few tourists joined us and we lost our tables. One of our members asked the waiter “What’s the menu?” The waiter replied”Nothing” (Enu illa). We drove so far from the city just to hear nothing (bhai kuch to hoga?).  Everyone’s faces were pale and now an additional tension “BATHROOM”. Mind it, men are very lucky in this case, they can go anywhere in the bushes and lighten their loads. We ladies have to look for closed and clean washrooms.


Mind-blowing, to use bushes also you have to pay and use.

The ladies would have suffered nervous breakdown if we would not request the owner to allow us use one of their washrooms.

Slurp, the food was here after a long wait, we were served the one and only dish  “puri bhaji”. The puri’s were dipped in oil and the bhaji or sabji was absolutely delicious, fabulous, may be the chef forgot to add some masala, salt and little chili powder. I realized when I was in my hometown, I used to make faces for the food my mum made, and would not eat what she prepared by her lovely hands. I felt it was karma that was struck on me that I had to eat this food in the hotel. Few mates refused to eat. But, I decided I will hog.  While eating, that guy from Hassan shared awesome stories from his past trips. He was a complete entertainment package with his broken Hindi and Kannada accent.  He narrated a cock and bull story to the waiter and nicely relished a plate of fried rice, stating he suffered from jaundice.  He made the rest of us laugh and forget what dish we were munching on. Tourists sitting beside were giggling and watching him enact. He took care of the hungry dogs with a packet of Parle-G biscuits throwing one at a time and see them fight over it.

Where’s the wash basin?? We washed our hands from a pipe.

Unhappy, we could not make it to the falls, it was getting dark and we had to leave the place before sun sets else it’s dangerous to drive on the narrow roads. At 4PM we left the place. I spotted many photographers with tripod near the sunset point. They must have taken terrific shots.

We stopped at a dhaba named Giri for a quick break. It was 7PM now. As I got down from the bus, I saw one of my team mate already puking and made me feel to be the next one.

The Giri fellow asked us to join a camp fire especially conducted for tourists coming to this place. Yes, it would be private he said. To compensate the Hebbey falls, we gave in and pushed ourselves inside the resort.

Albeit men did not find their best friends (gum ka saathi rum), they danced. We ladies just watched them groove on the tunes of gangnam style.


Balle Balle till 9.30PM and again hogged the mouth-watering buffet. Soup, Jeera rice, Roti, Aloo sabji (Potato vegetable), Bhendi fry (fried Lady’s finger), Pickle, Poppadom. Whoa! I was happy, I ate a good meal now and I dint have to starve more and look half dead. We winded at 10PM. 10 minutes later, I felt the stir in my stomach and I made a quirk sound.  (Bus roko) someone shouted and the TT halted. I immediately got down from the bus and ran straight towards the bush. HAH-AHA I puked. The Bhendi fry fried me off in my tummy. If given a chance I would teach them how to improve their culinary skills. I wanted to reach home and just go to sleep.

Indeed, had a fantastic, refreshing day in Chikamaglur. This trip made me and others relax and enjoy the natural beauty and inhale some fresh air.

After reading this if you are planning to visit the place, the ideal time is either summer or winter. Please carry some food along with you. Now I see why those three men on the way behaved extraordinary. If we would have payed attention to their signs may be we would not have seen such a beautiful resort and have some lovely food. The next day I got my RSS feed updated, few others too stopped the bus in between to let out vigorous acid from their stomach. I was not the only one. HEEHAW.

It’s okay. I am desperately waiting for our next trip, more adventurous than this hopefully.

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Heights of Robbery

I ran over few posts, read about heights of laziness, statures of jokes, statures of being swine miserly, statures of inattentiveness and blah blah and after that I chose I compose my depiction, a propos “Theft”. Its a brain boggling and a gum biting subject.

Composing since long, I have organized not to spare any material outside, why meet the expense of an inadvertent to take things, might be even a pen top.

I begin with…. Odd things individuals burglarize.

1. It was a pleasurable Saturday morning, when me and my couple of companions chose to hang out at her place, her folks were away. We as a whole (8) of us chatted, joked, danced, imitated, played little amusements and later rested comfortably. Next light, we were all spruced up, ventured out and were amazed to see the door open and the hook/latch missing. God-like, the metal fold was looted.

2.  Move rehearse on Saturday evenings, after school hours, at a friend’s place, caused aggravation to others, however watching out for a water tank to fill was itself a move. In our town,water supply is each substitute day and in expansion territories, it’s at one time a week. This “once per week” was this unfortunate Saturday, when we saw the underground water tank which had a metal top (huge rectangle press cover) stolen. It was 6 ft beneath (Manorama 6 feet under)

3. My daddy owned a Bajaj scooter those days and we never had a different parking spot at our place. The avenues were so tight, you could see who claimed what vehicle. As you venture out of your abode, you practically hit the street and would any minute comply choices.

Houses touching each other, so where might the vehicles be stopped. Gracious! the drain, fortunately where no waste was tossed. Our cherished bike stopped holding up to get a ride. Presently, who the hell-fire on this planet had stolen the rubber foot tangle and rearward sitting arrangement? This kept me supposing endlessly, who might utilize the bike situate and for what? At that point at last it struck: must be some cycle individual for his bike.?? Truly???

4. Our family moved to a different locality. It was our permanent home. I was happy but hell yeah, not again… we had no proper parking area too.  Underground parking was built so steep, any vehicle moving inside would never get out unless it takes 4 men to push it out (Valley Parking). Luckily, we had a common passage, with few shops and godown. We had to use a slide and push the bike in. This was causing inconvenience to all, because there were more than 20 bikes. More than people we had vehicles as neighbors. The wooden slide with nails, went missing indeed overnight. We then had to build a cement platform. I wonder what people do with a nailed, broken wooden slide?

5. Rainy season and muddy streets. Uh! you cannot step in wearing soiled footwear. Nah!!! We had an option, since we had food grains shops in our apartment, it was obvious we used to get jute/gunny bags for free. 🙂

A jute bag used to placed at the entrance, so that people could wipe their shoes and enter our “Jahangir building”. Help !!! This old, ragged, dirty bag got robbed soon. “jute bags are costly”.

6. Festival of lights : -) Diwali!!! – amazing, exuberant and vibrant streets lit with colorful divas, lamps(akash kandil). Lovely, superb and splendid sight to watch and roam around the city. I must say, beautiful lanterns look so pretty, hanged atop doorstep, can also be stolen at night;  why does someone choose lanterns ? To sell it again ?? The bulbs were the first things to get attention, later the lanterns went missing (arey hamara akash butti kahan gaya rey).


During this awesome festival, we keep these divas outside and keep pouring oil every 2 hours. diya

These lamps bring light and prosperity and it’s a way of inviting people meaning our homes are open too; result STOLEN.

7.  Whether you own a house or rent a flat, you will definitely inscribe your name ‘Mr & Mrs’….so and so. (ye bhi le lo) I don’t know, “nameplate”, seriously ???. This must be very interesting to the robbers and burglars, or was it their name written on it?  We just ended painting our name in bold letters on the door. Instructions, “Do not Paint over it”.

8. Keep your best foot forward and what next , your sandals gets stolen, but from where? Temple, the most visited place by many to pray, to sit calmly, notice people and eat prashad(sweet served) do you think so..??? One thought keeps rotating in my head, whenever I visit a temple when my heels are lying outside. Is it safe?? Concentrating on the eh prayer. And then I have to keep walking bare foot, or go and buy road side 100 rupee chappals. Temples are the best places to find footwear go missing.


9. It is so boring to wash clothes and put them to dry, if you do not have a washing machine. Sunday afternoons are spent only to wash heap of clothes.  To my dismay,  I find all the clothes pin are nowhere to be seen?..

clips00a9d0df6_7Who will rob these Rs. 5  clips?  Only the rest of the girls in the hostel, who can’t even afford to buy a pack of clips, but still manage to pay rent of Rs. 5000? There were many more stuff which used to go missing, apart from t-shirt, pant, a toothbrush, mug, shampoo bottle, hangers, Rin supreme soap and sometimes even a comb, then the girls would walk into each room knocking and questioning “Did you see my whatever? Now that I will end this note here.

10.  We all love to sit on our beloved arm chairs, no matter how comfortable we are, whether it is our home sweet home or our office, like made for us. But who knows people around the floor keep pulling your chair and never return. I reach my workstation, walk straight to my cubicle. Oh!! Where’s my chair. (kursi bhi chori karne lage), so finally I wrote my name on a piece of paper and taped it . (Kursi ke liye jhagde to hamesha hi tha ha ha ha).

Crossing memories down the line, I recollected what all strange things people stole… and I keep thinking what creativity robbers possess.  They use their intellect in flicking things and don’t get caught. Thanks to CCTV cameras, most of the people are framed.