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rain drops_pratibha
rain drops


“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission”, said Eleanor Roosevelt, so genuine.

To implement this, you need to think about yourself as good, the one as yourself; the true you. The maker of yourself; the creator of your distinguished thoughts.

In any event spend a hour for yourself – considering, giggling, grinning, sprucing up, making faces before the reflect, winking at yourself, moving and rehashing interesting discoursed.

It’s the flawless time you get the chance to understand your SELF.

Set aside opportunity to stroll in daylight, watch the rainbow, watch dew drops on the yard, play in the rain, move under the shower, see the shadow, play find the stowaway, grin to an obscure, help somebody, sing a tune, take a gander at the skies, hold a baby in your arms , offer desserts to somebody , touch a bloom, gather few leaves, hop in the puddle, at any rate cheer somebody and stay cheered.

Acknowledge shortcomings, constraints, botches, bungles, statements of regret since it is human to fail and have shortcomings to be HUMAN.

Your self valor is in understanding your self-esteem and do things which are implied for you, that does not mean not to do things which are not implied for you. Attempt is the best word found to feel that HOPE emerges some place amidst all troubles.

The DE-focusing on elements like lying on the bed, listening stupor music, pouring all contemplation’s onto the wall or painting it on paper has exactly the intended effect. It’s remunerating and fulfilling, extreme solitude.

Take advantage of every second, moment, hour and the day _”TODAY”. Leave nothing implied. Do whatever you crave doing, if emotional then cry and let it out. Your tears are caught inside your delightful eyelids; and they too need to stream out. Isn’t that right?

Follow  whatever fashion you have a craving for pursuing and feel youthful on a fundamental level like sweet 16…

Because I believe “something unsaid is something undone”. (Quotes) PRATIBHA


You never know who, when, why, what, where is the following minute you’re going to confront. Truth be told, takeoff your plane. Yes, the five wives and one husband hypothesis (5W1H). Open your heart and let your words flow, paint them on canvas, strike the right harmony and see your life flying high, feeling the ecstasy.


Inspire, Conspire, Confess, Celebrate, Speak up, Speak out, Speak right Life is too short…to be missed.

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Untitled so far…..


Why is it I am sad about the way I am living my life,

Listening to the dried leaves and an unknown voice.

Why is it I am being lonely?

Why is it I am trying to find my existence?

My emotional expenditure is more than what I spend,

Like I am marooned and falling into solitary confinement.

Why my life’s like that of a sinner

From the day I know my true conscience, I thought I should have died

But then I should have made a good living.

Why to this day I have not found a way out of one

Feel the warmth, caress of someone.

Is life always like that???

To my sheer innocence, I am like a bird with only one wing

I have eyes but still blind

Why don’t I perceive things?

I should have conquered happiness but I am dealing with sorrow

I could have earned some peace

And I would empty my heart, feel the bliss

I would have not written this.

Why sometimes I be over joyous on little things?

Why sometimes I tap my feet to the rhythm of the falling rain?

Why sometimes I drown in the deep melody?

Why sometimes I collect unlimited smiles?

Why sometimes I am clueless about why I am happy?

Why sometimes I laugh till tears fill my eyes?

Why can’t life always be like this!!!


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