Love You Always


In summertime, our love is delicate, like a dandelion skimming in the breeze.
In wintertime, our love is warm — it raises from warm hands to your comfortable arms.

If skies are blue, our love is true— two people falling, galloping in the sun.
If thunder rolls our love is blessed, a refuge from the evading, meandering, closing rain.

When spring blossoms sprout, our love is strong, like color of love petals on the orchids.
When autumn leaves fall, our love is gold, shining bright like a harvest sunrise, sunflower, meadows and green grass, .

For all seasons our love will keep on being delightful and loaded with recollections.
From season to season I cherish you always! My one, my only, my love muffins.



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Untitled so far…..


Why is it I am sad about the way I am living my life,

Listening to the dried leaves and an unknown voice.

Why is it I am being lonely?

Why is it I am trying to find my existence?

My emotional expenditure is more than what I spend,

Like I am marooned and falling into solitary confinement.

Why my life’s like that of a sinner

From the day I know my true conscience, I thought I should have died

But then I should have made a good living.

Why to this day I have not found a way out of one

Feel the warmth, caress of someone.

Is life always like that???

To my sheer innocence, I am like a bird with only one wing

I have eyes but still blind

Why don’t I perceive things?

I should have conquered happiness but I am dealing with sorrow

I could have earned some peace

And I would empty my heart, feel the bliss

I would have not written this.

Why sometimes I be over joyous on little things?

Why sometimes I tap my feet to the rhythm of the falling rain?

Why sometimes I drown in the deep melody?

Why sometimes I collect unlimited smiles?

Why sometimes I am clueless about why I am happy?

Why sometimes I laugh till tears fill my eyes?

Why can’t life always be like this!!!


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