5 things that can damage one’s life

Why do you think most of the individuals today are not contented rather than being at peace with one self. Those deadly thoughts occupy ones mind so much to that extent, thinking beyond that may cause serious damage to the mind and body. There could be material desire obsession or mere mind blocking obstacles.

  1. Cribbing – constant mocking and whining. A negative mind speaks “Oh it’s raining today, I cannot go to the museum” . So what if it rains, wear a raincoat, carry an umbrella and board a public transport. I know its not easy at times unless its flooding and you call for a boat rescue team. A positive approach to any situation could convince a suspicious black coated mind. Free it.
  2. Comparison – biggest crap.. I am not talking about those excel sheet data analysis. “He has a corolla, she has so many followers, her hair is so long, I am not so beautiful”. Hell yeah. “Don’t let comparison steal your joy” ,a lesson learnt early is way better than sitting with balance tools with your next neighbor.
  3. Addiction – clearly this addiction to alcohol, cigarette, drugs and tobacco. But who cares it kills slowly. Sooner or later there is agony?? The instructions printed on the pack are for aliens not for you. But who cares. It’s slowly.
  4. Over thinking and of course Over speeding unnecessarily anywhere. Why ??? Even a launched satellite reaches its destination in calculated speed. Why don’t you learn to be safe?
  5. Above all, keeping aside all materialistic pleasures, it’s our uncontrollable mind which leads to every alternate helter skelter circumstances and this troubled mind cannot control self which then moves to getting all sorts of mindly games inside that tiny brain which is supposed to be positive. It’s fooled and treds some path where it has no fault and falls into and help is needed immediately.

A mind is the chief fortress, don’t let her lose the battle.


Philosophy on my mind.


Question Yourself

How often have you thought about a brilliant thought, yet felt sluggish to begin once again?

How often have you shut an overloading tap close by?

How often have you switched off the appliances while leaving the room?

How often have you helped an old man cross the street?

How often have you served the poor and needy?

How often have you disposed the junk precisely in the dustbin?

How often have you switched off  your phone in the classroom?

How often have you seen a little girl begging and shooed her away?

How often have you fed a stray dog with left over meals?

How often have you purchased vegetables from the old lady without bargaining?

How often have you reached your workstation on time?

How often have you completed your task without delaying?

How often have you encouraged a child learn a good deed?

How often have you held your parents hand and showed them love and care?

How often have you checked on your friends’ emotions?

How often have you bought products made in your country?

How often have you donated money to the orphanage?

How often have you visited an old age home?

How often have you thanked your mother for making all the arrangements early this morning?

How often have you expressed gratitude toward your dad for lifting you up late night from the station?

How often have you vacated a seat for a senior citizen?

How often have you kept your surroundings clean?

How often have you followed the traffic rules?

How often have you cheered a person feeling lonely?

How often have you appreciated others or said sorry/thank you just to make them feel good?

How often have you pardoned somebody regardless of the possibility that they weren’t right?

How often have you made someone feel special?

How often have you rectified a person doing a wrong thing?

How often have you confronted a person than affront him verbally?

How often have you chosen the right candidate in the elections?

How often have you connected a perfect thought?

How often have you hurt your conscience?

How often have you felt cheerful about yourself toward the day’s end?

How often have you done all of this and still feel there is time to moralize and improve yourself than cribbing about the nation?

If not, let’s join our hands in large and implement simple things we feel are obsolete or were left due to norms. Let’s deal with a better self-image and lets prosper as a clean soul, as an individual, as a leader, as a charmer who works to create his/her self and still care for the people around.
Let your light shine!!


  • In collaboration with Kavitha Kamath