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You are here!! The amount I missed you… I read a status few days back, preferences and remarks heaped soon. “Your sweetheart?” He had posted it intentionally? Nah! Furtively perusing the remarks and quickly expressing ” chill folks, in no way like that, it’s simply my new iPhone”.

LOL… It was that a status? Sulking 🙂

Weird statuses

Holy crap, people and followers were puzzled, who was here and what was going on in his/her life.

Why do people post half information, sentences and phrases as status ? just because Facebook asks you “whats on your mind?? and nevertheless let others keep thinking the investigation theory.  Anyways little knowledge is dangerous.
I almost fainted reading, when someone wrote “tonight it’s a goodie goodie night!!” What does this mean?? Go and say it to your spouse and do not post it on a social site, anyhow people will read their naughty mind. And still followers make it a point to write “have fun”. How silly.

People are habituated posting funny, insane, sick, idiotic lines regardless of whosoever reads it, likes it and comments too. Sometimes even share it…CTRL C, CTRL V is still in demand.

I have read most of the sports news on my news feed – Guess who won the Wimbledon?

(1 -0, 2-5, 4-6) Nadal your the king this time, Federer better luck next time.

Oh no Federer 6-1, 6-2, 6-4.

Another wicket gone. If people with no television can cling on to this news feed. “Blocked”.

What a match, nail biting situation.

It’s not a match as Sachin is not playing.

I will stop watching cricket.

If people want to know the scores they will watch some sports channel or should they subscribe to your account.

Some more…

It’s raining. Yes if it’s raining people will know, what would someone expect to comment


OK then get wet.

Why no umbrella??

I am wet too

Where is it raining?

So what should I do??

Write some nonsense and if you receive no likes, delete the status. That’s what few of them do. I can’t see it on my news feed too. Poor fellow must have realized that no one would probably like it.

Relationship status

Latest fad is changing the most precious relationship status of life and love on timeline.  Brag with some additional words to be included like confused, broken, two at a time apart from single, married, and complicated.

How do people change status within minutes? “So and so” went from being “single” to “in a relationship”. Few weeks later, “in a relationship” to “its complicated”, few days more, “single” again.  Fooling the world around with private and personal relations? Not noticing there are around 500 – 600 people or more than 1000 friends reading your love struck life. Laughing stock!! Its an open invitation for someone. Like if people will wait with roses outside singing love songs. Why ? You just got dumped.

“Relax it was a prank”. 60 comments, 142 likes. I am stumped, this is utter Bull shit. This is not a page to annoy others but to fool self image and get some public attention or sympathy.

Upload entire album of pictures

People vomit all the photos on internet. You are free to use all the server space, no one  bothers to edit or filter pictures without brains. Keep it censored when someone is sitting in a very odd position, someone’s face is awkward, wardrobe malfunction. Someone does not want to tell the world he / she drinks,  someone having 72 albums with 200 photos each, looks like he/she has reserved space to upload all scrap.

I know what you did last summer. Yes been to Honeymoon. Check out “Pics from Honeymoon”. God save me, this is ridiculous.

There goes a saying in Hindi “neki kar dariya me daal” today it states kuch bhi kar Facebook pe daal. “Do good and let it go”.  Now that it says “do anything, upload it on Facebook”.

Yes people fly abroad, definitely they want to share the world they flew in a plane , drove all the way, enjoyed first snow, met some actor, clicked pictures with ladies on the beach, sky dive, shots in skimpy clothes, madame Tussaud, roller coaster, Limousine, autumn, ice cream, bikini clad women, it’s OK.OK. Not OK. Spare me the horror selfie’s. Bored of people sharing selfie of every activity they do in daily life. (Eating.Drinking.Driving.Sleeping.Repeat)

Heights of Sharing

People have stopped being creative ?? They keep sharing pages,stupid pictures, morphed images, photo-shopped selfies, weird videos. Do people lack originality? Has he/she any time tweeted or written a quote of his own ??

His/her timeline is over populated with unwanted morphed photos which we do not even want to see. Anyways sharing was taught in school, but not to this level.

Be Online

Wonder how few people have high internet speed and time to be noticed “online” 24/7 and seen texting at 12 AM “Hi what are you doing? Are you kidding me, I was killing mosquitoes as they were playing soccer.” Mistakenly if you ping them, you don’t even get a reply?? HUH.

Facebook settings keep changing like a baby’s nappy pad every now and then. You receive random friend requests, messages, likes, and pokes from anybody… looks like I am going to go invisible forever, save me from unknown exceptions…. IGNORE could be the best suitable choice or BLOCK…

I wish if developers really come up with “who viewed your profile”, it will be incredible but true and adding more fun to it and there is no secret profile viewing or stalking and believe me you are saved. As whatever you post 500+ people will definitely read or like it.

Anyway, there are so many pros of it, I met so many old friends whom I had lost down the memory lane, now pictured us together.

Few chats, memories we will definitely cherish along the channel of life but mind it “Shit happens”.



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