Top 5 Reasons You Felt Why You Should Have Found Love

One subject you wished you should have learnt in college..


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Finding love is never attainable for people who always want to stay private. Mingling among new counterparts or same age troop, loitering around, speaking about falling share prices, democracy, flop movies, vote bank, cute hero, western outfits, rising heat, actually anything bullshit.
Is it greater than to stay alone or profit functional in chit chat casual affairs.??

But then we cant spend our whole life alone and for that we absolutely need a partner in crime to investigate other solid stories.  You never know when, where and whom you would knock down that “Special Someone” may be in a lift. 🙂

Top 5 reasons why you should have found someone.

1. Group Chats: When your peers are getting married and keep talking about how they met and proposed their love.  How they felt when they first met them, when their pockets pinched them, pouring expensive gifts and singing love songs, behind popping eyes, awake all night, writing love poems, phone calls coochicoos, texting 24/7 , blushing status messages, lovelorn talks, to know their where-a bouts. Ah! makes you wonder, someone should have done this to you. Then Why NOT ??

2. Valentines day: When your colleagues receive gifts on valentines day, the only day when lovers realize they should do something unique to impress their love..and show off their returns, run to their offices to deliver the gifts personally will have kept his/her friends green-eyed. Arrive graciously dressed in red like high voltage volcano, spreading thousand watts current to anyone passing nearby, would keep anyone watching and by then the thoughts would have erupted. If she/he can get someone, why not me LOL.

3. Bike ride: When you see couples on a bike, a beautiful girl, with her flying hair, hugs her man, and you want to go on a long drive or on a death ride. Escaping the signals, busy traffic… yes you want one too, a chauffeur. 

4. Picture poses: Visit all dream destinations and click pictures with your beloved in ugly poses with who the hell bothers attitude, yes you know camera was invented just to seize the sweet moments of just the two. Maggi time types photos really tempts you to steal the magic moments of your life, you know it must be so big time fun to cook two minute noodles and celebrate with just a plum cuppa cake with a candle over it at 3 AM in the morning. Sounds romantic isn’t it ?? Your ready with a guitar to strum any tune. Well.. sounds little bit lost. come back., stop dreaming.

5. Drop habits: When someone says that he/she has stopped doing something just for the sake of he/she does not like it, makes me scatterbrained. Its stupendous when someone really leaves behind their proclivity for their hankering. It would be a dauntless task to rethink on not doing something you would like it or other way round.

Love is a union of two hearts and this should not get priced by greenbacks or by analyzing. It would come your way when it has to… True love will find you. You will celebrate.
Cheers to all those who found their true love. MAGIC MAGIC.

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