I was searching for myself and I found you, 

Now I gracefully accept the new ME. 


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Whispering Woods


Can such rising hoods and sobbing skies

Drop out without his exist?

Of water and fire

Of sky and earth

Of birth and death

When the door of truth is right,

All components of satisfaction and distress are replied

Beguiling the ocean and mixing the sky sets

No, those are all bluffs

Since each man along these lines may whisper in the woods,

Tend to hysteria, upon to vanish in itself


Look at the shadows outside
The bright moon is calling you
The wind is caressing your face
A beautiful story unfolds itself
Someone wants to get close to you
Knowing each and every thought of yours
Your dreams of secret words
Sharing all the space and silence
Getting a step closer each day
Holding hands of togetherness


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Importance of Silence

At my desk, when I am up in a sentimental mood to write

A green hilltop, climbing all alone , just for myself

A garden full of roses, chrysanthemum and chameli

A pool of water and Irish tea

A blue sea and rising tides

A lonely beach and finding for sea shells

A bookshelf and a coffee bar

A fountain in a park with white Lilies

An empty street with Bougainvillea

A train station with no one around

A river bank with huge rocks

A window pane and pouring rain

A cozy afternoon watching the ceiling

A terrace on a tall apartment

If only life was so simple…


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Perfect Holiday


Waking up early morning
Wandering in the redwoods
Gazing at the sky
Following the cloud patterns
Feeling of the fresh air
Strolling on the green grass
Listening to the chirping birds
Searching for the cuckoo
Blowing dandelions
Sitting on a swing
Lying in the meadows
Basking in the sun
Collecting pebbles
Pelting the mangoes
Climbing bowed trees
Sipping coconut water
Playing in the puddle
Splashing water
Building a sandcastle
All these and more…

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